Lindsey Smith’s Programs

Food Guilt No More

Food guilt: nearly 8 out of 10 women and 7 out of 10 men experience it.
Are you one of them?
Do you obsess over fat, carbs, and calories or categorize food as either good or bad? Does eating certain foods cause self-loathing and shame? In short, does eating bring more stress and guilt than happiness?

Leave the food guilt, worry, and calorie counting behind once and for all.

In Food Guilt No More, Lindsey Smith—the Food Mood Girl—helps you uncover patterns of guilt and emotional eating that undermine your relationship with food and shows you how to replace guilt with love.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of your food-mood connection and a blueprint to lead your unique body with love.


Hear Me Roar

Nearly 1 in 6 women have been or will be the victim of a sexual assault in their lifetime. College aged girls are 4 times more likely than the general population to be a victim of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault. This is why sexual assault prevention on campuses is needed.

Hear Me Roar is an interactive presentation that tackles the issues of safety, sexual assault and prevention and gives young women (and men) tools to be confident and safe both on and off campus. The workshop is led by Lindsey Smith, a certified health coach, published author and rape survivor. Lindsey shares a mix of her personal story while also giving the audience key tactics on how to stay safe and confident online, on a date or on the street. While this is a serious topic, the Hear Me Roar presentation is a dynamic and fun way to raise awareness around a serious subject.