Lori Hart’s Programs

Better Fraternity;
Better You

“Better Fraternity; Better You” is a fun, interactive program customized for all fraternity and sorority audiences (fraternity/sorority new members, for fraternity men only, for sorority women only, all community program, conventions and leadership programming, etc.). This program gets to the core of problem analysis and expectations. And this program leaves people thinking about solutions.

The Safety Pillar

At the core of the fraternity/sorority experience is safety. In our “values based” organizations, if safety is not paramount, the whole experience is a failure. This is a program about the foundation of safety and how we engage in being leaders – not just officers – who are willing to stand up and speak up, even if your voice shakes.

The Drunk Feminist

A program for women only, about women, which allows sorority women to take a hard look at their role in what we expect of new members and members and how women are treated in our communities. It is an intersectional program looking at the history of women, the history of feminism, alcohol education around the female body and the important elements of prevention, healthy relationships, and respect. Oh, AND the fact that women can change the world if we choose to!

A Few Too Many…Our Campus Culture of Alcohol

A Few Too Many is an educational, fun and interactive program and customizable for all university audiences (new student orientation, fraternity and sorority new members, athletics, all campus programming, etc.). It is based on biology, research, harm reduction and concrete steps students can take to be successful in college, and beyond.

Complex Problems & Simple Solutions:
Risk Management Training for Sorority and Fraternity Leaders

Being a fraternity and sorority officer and leader in the area of managing risks is tough! But, having the right training and framework to do this work can lead to success and a safer fraternity experience. “Complex Problems; Simple Solutions” is a program that organizations can customize based on policy, gaps, and training needs.

You Be YOU:
A Discussion on Communication, Gender and Relationships

“Dating” in the age of “swiping right” has challenges, and humor. No matter who you are or who you aspire to love, healthy relationships are first dependent on individuals being healthy. This program is full of biology, research on healthy relationships and audience interaction.

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