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Be a Dream Maker:
Your Role in Making Fraternity and Sorority Life Great

So, now that you’re in a fraternity or sorority, life is great, right? But have you ever stopped to consider how your role in your chapter is making it truly great? Or worse, could your behavior be destroying it? This is a wake-up call to those fraternity and sorority members who are coasting on their status or who are senselessly participating in destructive behavior, like hazing, abusive drinking, assault and poor academics. It’s time to take critical look at the role you play in making sure fraternity and sorority communities survive and thrive.

Hazing Makes You a Better Greek,
and Other Stupid Myths

You shouldn’t need 10 reasons not to haze, but Michelle is going to give them to you anyway! To this day, there are many myths and misconceptions about the practice of hazing and how it adds value to a fraternity or sorority chapter. Michelle is one of the strongest, most refreshing speakers today with enough courage to one-by-one debunk what some may deem “traditions” of new member recruitment and education.

From Wishing to Reality:
Recruitment for Culturally-Based Greeks

Does your organization wish they had bigger intake/pledge classes/lines? Does your organization wish that there was standing room only for your Interest Meetings or Informationals? Is your group intentionally cultivating membership, or just hoping that people will come begging to join your fraternity or sorority? Stop thinking old school and learn about the new school ways of building your potential membership pool, connecting with your market, and getting the quality membership you have always wanted!

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