Rick Barnes’ Programs

Drink Think: A Personal Approach to Alcohol

Alcohol is the most widely used and misused substance in our colleges and universities today. Alcohol is no stranger on campus. Alcohol problems are no stranger on campus either. This program goes beyond the rules and regulations, and addresses the personal choice concerning alcohol use. This is a fun, interactive, yet serious discussion about alcohol use on campus.

“Drink Think” qualifies for an NCAA grant if athletes are included. If you have been looking for a solid general alcohol education and responsibility program that speaks to the realities of today’s students, this is it. “Drink Think” is a perfect program for new students, fraternities and sororities, convocation, athletes, alcohol awareness week, or simply as a general student health and wellness presentation. Don’t forget about National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week!

The Evolution of Leadership

The world is full of speakers educating audiences on how to lead.  The Evolution of Leadership is unique in that it focuses on the growth and development of leadership rookies, veterans and even followers.  It is a comprehensive look at the possibilities that exist when members of an organization embrace one-another’s strengths and talents, build a tight-knit community and share the wealth.  The Evolution of Leadership is based on the idea that leaders evolve.  All leaders start somewhere.  Through Rick’s trademark honesty and matter-of-fact humor, he empowers participants – both self-identified leaders and followers – to raise the bar.

Living The Dream of Our Founders

Today, there is fiery debate between advocates of the fraternity/sorority experience and those who feel it’s become more harmful than beneficial.  Truth is, when we live up to the dreams of our founders, our communities provide one of the best leadership and values-building experiences available to students today.  Rick addresses all the various groups that make up our rich community, challenging everyone to collaborate toward higher performance and standards for all those who wear letters.  Let’s move the conversation back to what’s good about fraternity and sorority.

Are We Really Still Talking About Risk Management?!

While risk management might appear to be an old topic, it continues to be a major issue for student organizations as they continue to face risks with their programs, activities, and the behaviors of some of their members.  Rick’s program reviews the evolution of risk management, who is at risk and how it can be minimized.  His message is as much about responsibility as it is about liability and emphasizes how to keep everyone safe.  This program will leave participants with a clear understanding of why risk management continues to be a big topic on campus.

Hazing: When Will It End?

Take an honest look at hazing, the problems it causes and the reasons it continues to exist on campus. Participants are challenged to take a serious look at how they work with their newest members. Hazing definitions are covered. Organization principles violated by hazing are highlighted. Necessary changes in moving from historical training of new members to a more contemporary role of new member education is addressed.

This program is generally presented to fraternity and sorority audiences. However, a version of this presentation is specific to student-athletes. This program qualifies for an NCAA grant if presented to athletes. Use this topic for National Hazing Prevention Week.