Vince Fabra

Vince Fabra makes every audience member laugh, think, and what to be a better person.

Vince Fabra

Hello! My name is Vince Fabra, and I want to begin this bio about me by letting you know that I don’t really like “bio’s” or “about me’s”. Now, let me tell what I *do* like.

I like microphones.

1. They amplify our voices. This is an incredible achievement in technology that we often take for granted. Imagine you’re at a Beyonce concert sitting at the top of the arena, but Queen B doesn’t have a microphone. That’s a waste of $200.00

2. They amplify our messages. Microphones allow us to share our messages with the masses. If you have something to say that is interesting, inspirational, enlightening, or entertaining, grab a microphone. More people hear you when you have one in your hand.

Admittedly, I enjoy having my voice amplified. All public speakers do. It would be a poor choice of a profession if we didn’t. But the best part about this job is connecting with audiences. Whether, I’m holding a microphone to make a point, tell a joke, or interview someone – the goal is always the same. I want people to feel connected to one another through the sounds being amplified over the speakers. That is my passion, and I would love to share that passion on your campus, at your conference, or wherever there’s a microphone present.

If you were looking for more of a traditional bio or about me — “Vince Fabra graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Communication Studies. A member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, he now lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, Lindsay, daughter, Hattye, and two dogs.”