Vince Fabra’s Programs

Make Every Day Matter

Our community is not afraid to dream big. However, there are challenges that pop-up each day, requiring the immediate attention of the professionals in this field. It becomes difficult to focus on the big picture and truly change the culture of a campus/organization when we are “putting out fires” on a daily basis.

Our bold dreams and resolutions begin the year as top priorities, only to fall further down the list with each passing day. In order to proactively impact our communities while simultaneously reacting to unforeseen problems, we must think differently when it comes to goal setting.

In this program, participants will identify professional and personal dreams for the next year and create processes and routines for themselves in order to Make Every Day Matter.


Just Beneath the Surface: The Human Element of Risk Management

Fraternities and sororities promise a “home away from home” to incoming members. We accept, love and care for those that choose to join us. However, for some members, this sense of belonging doesn’t wash over them when they sign their bid card. Instead, they feel as if each day is a struggle and battle to earn that acceptance and prove that they belong. A chapter or community filled with young people that feel as if they have something to prove is a very scary thing.

In this program, we will approach risk management not from the perspective of policy. Rather, we will dig just beneath the surface and look through the lens of the human element, particularly the psychology of belonging.