Vince Fabra’s Programs

Recruitment Is Not About You: Need Less. Give More.

We love our organizations. For many of us, there’s plenty to be proud of (and the rest of us are good at lying to ourselves). When given the opportunity to recruit, we are so excited to rattle off all the amazing things about our chapter. “We’re the best at intramural sports. We’ve got the biggest philanthropy. Our brotherhood is the best on campus. Just wait until you see our social calendar.” Stop it! Just… stop! When every chapter tries to position themselves as the “best on campus”, fraternity recruitment devolves into this arms race to see who can become the coolest chapter in all of the land. Meanwhile, a vast majority of potential new members feel disconnected from all of the fraternities practically screaming “LOOK AT US! LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!!!” In this session, let’s explore recruitment conversations that put the focus on the potential new member. Let’s imagine a fraternity community that deeply cares about the personal development of the incoming members rather than groups vying for the top spot on the social hierarchy. Let’s train our members, chapters and community to NEED LESS and GIVE MORE.

Make Every Day Matter

1,460..! There are 1,460 days in a 4-year undergraduate experience. If spent wisely, those days could add up to a profoundly valuable adventure, one filled with growth, lifelong friendships, and incredible memories. If squandered, at the end of it, all you’ll have is a degree, a bunch of debt, and more questions than answers. How do we take full advantage of the gift that is higher education?

This program will challenge participants to reflect on the things they currently prioritize, call them to do some introspection on their individual purpose and principles, and share simple shifts in perspective that will allow them to make every day matter, even today!!!

The Thorn in Your Side: How to Address Your Chapter/Council’s Persisting Problem

The word “BUT” rears it’s ugly head far too often in our organizations. Examples include “Our chapter has great brotherhood/sisterhood, BUT we’re not very involved on campus” or “Our council is filled with great organizations, BUT our community lacks unity.” These “BUT” statements are typically accepted as the norm, and no real progress is made from year to year. Also, addressing these issues can be overwhelming. Where do we even start?

In this highly interactive workshop, we will discuss how to flip the word “BUT” to the word “AND” by focusing on three key areas: People, Process, and Philosophies. Let’s no longer accept our chapter/council’s persisting problem. Let’s remove the thorns from our sides.

Why Our Members Make Risky Decisions

Being a college student is challenging. There’s tons of academic pressure, obligations added by student organizations, and the ever present social struggle to be accepted amongst one’s peers. These forces are powerful. They can cause individuals to burn out, lose focus, and make decisions that can potentially harm themselves or others.

This program, humor-filled and judgment-free, will discuss these forces and help individuals find a guiding purpose rather than obsessing with ego and identity.

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